The Best 8 Things To Do In Stourbridge

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There aren’t too many travelers that will tell you that visiting Stourbridge is one of their dreams. But if you are one of the exceptions, we have some good news for you! It’s a great choice and, as long as you make a well-documented plan, you’re about to discover one of the most charming towns in the UK.

Stourbridge is located right in the heart of West Midlands, only 12 miles away from Birmingham. The town had a population of a little over 63 thousand inhabitants, back in 2011. It is a small market town, but this is exactly what makes it so attractive to visitors. There are many other enjoyable aspects about it, which we’re about to explore in this article.

Here’s What You Can Do In Stourbridge

Being so close to Birmingham, the second-largest city in the United Kingdom, Stourbridge is very easy to reach. There are two railway stations in the town and, if you travel by train, it will only be a 30-minute trip to Birmingham or 2,5 hours to London. 

We recommend you book a room at a hotel or hostel in advance if you’re visiting. As soon as you are settled, you can start checking the following activities and places:

1. Go visit the Stourbridge Canal Arm

This is one of the most famous areas in Stourbridge, as it’s a very picturesque and lively place. You can admire the impressive narrowboats and even have a beer or a meal in the waterside pubs. 

Besides the nice view and the tasty meals, what will impress you the most about the Stourbridge Canal Arm is the calm atmosphere around it. It’s that kind of place that makes it seem like time goes by slower there.

2. Enjoy the services of Stourbridge Escorts

Another thing that Stourbridge is famous for is its wonderful women. If you want to enjoy some nice company during your visit, make sure to check the services offered by 

This is how you can make your dinner or even your whole night more enjoyable, but it’s also how you can discover a lot of other great details about Stourbridge. 

Local women can offer you many tips and tricks that only they know, and their advice can have the power to make your whole stay in the town a lot more enjoyable. 

3. Visit the Crown Centre Shopping Mall

The Crown Centre Shopping Mall was opened in 2013 and it cost a little over 50 million pounds to be built. It’s home to some of the finest stores that you can find in a UK shopping mall. There is also a huge Tesco store, from where you can do some groceries if you want to fix yourself breakfast at home. 

4. Go on a Canal Boat Trip

The canals are one of the most defining elements of Stourbridge and there’s a whole network of them waiting for you to visit. The canals go through the town and then surround the countryside. 

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The good news is that you can enjoy their splendor by booking a boat trip. You can find more details online or you can ask right there what you need to do to get on a boat and have a trip along the Stourbridge Canal.

You will pass through tunnels and locks and you will be able to enjoy some of the most scenic landscapes that can be found in the UK. Make sure to enjoy every moment of your trip and do not shy away from taking pics. 

5. Visit the Red House Glass Cone

The Red House Glass Cone is a very well-preserved glass-making cone. It was built in the 18th Century. Stourbridge is a town with a great heritage when it comes to glassmaking. During the Industrial Revolution, Stourbridge and the whole Worchestershire area were the heart of the British glassmaking industry. 

The Red House Glass Cone offers various informative exhibitions and there are even live glassblowing demonstrations that you can follow. It’s a very dynamic and interactive experience that will teach you all the essential information about glassmaking and its history in Stourbridge.

6. Explore the Mary Stevens Park

If the wildlife and fabulous landscapes conquered you during your canal boat trip, then you must go and have a stroll through Mary Stevens Park. The park offers you a tranquil and peaceful retreat, especially if you’re a nature lover. 

There are also some beautiful gardens that you can admire, as well as a lake that you can go around if you want to enjoy the sounds of nature. 

7. Visit the Stourbridge Town Hall

The Stourbridge Town Hall was built in 1887 and is impressive through its architecture. It was built Rennaisance style and it is currently used for hosting many events, comedy and theatrical performances, and also live concerts.

It’s highly recommended for you to check the schedule in advance and see if there will be any performances that you find attractive, during your visit. 

8. Go to the Ruskin Glass Center

Thanks to its fantastic glassmaking heritage, Stourbridge is home to the Ruskin Glass Center, which can be found in the Wordsley area. the center is a charming hub where you can find the works of local craftsmen and glass artists. 

You can even witness skilled artisans working live and learn more about the art of glassmaking. Before leaving, make sure to try the experience of creating a glass object, under the guidance of one of the experts in the Center. 

In conclusion, despite being a small town, Stourbridge has plenty of things to offer, if you decide to visit it. Located in the center of West Midlands, it is a town full of history, natural beauty, and culture. 

Whether you are an art lover, interested in the Industrial Revolution, or just want to find a spectacular place in which you can have outside strolls, Stourbridge is the right place for you. Make sure to add these eight best things to do there, to your itinerary, and enjoy your stay in Stourbridge!

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